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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Unwanted Houseguest, Volume 7

Hello, friends!

Not a whole ton to report today, since the UHG was out quite late last night. Doing what, you ask?


Dearly beloved, let us gather round to speculate and conjecture, for I simply do not know. Points to consider: 1) she arrived back home 7 hours after the end of clinic, and 2) she said nothing about where she'd been. Hm.

This morning she bailed on the shower schedule in two ways: fully missing her time slot by 15 minutes, and then taking 25 minutes in the shower - and another 15 after the water stopped running. I've been told I take very, very fast showers so help me out, my band of brothers and sisters - what is typical? 5-10 minutes for the showering? 5-10 additional minutes for the towelling and primping?


At any rate, she was probably late for work since she got a late start and I did NOT volunteer to drive her to the subway station, in spite of some strenuous hinting on her part.

Weird Side Note: Though the atmosphere around here is obviously strained, I have noticed that she's been trying to hug me a lot in the past 24 hours - and I have to say it feels wholly disingenuous. It makes me wonder if something extra good is coming?

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