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"The Uterus Comes With" -- gross article on the Playboy kinja

Gross gross gross. Literally reducing women to body parts in the very title, and then dropping gems such as "the girl wanted to fulfill the basic purpose of her kind" (double points for women as a distinct "kind" and childbearing as single female "purpose!") and "babies are inarguably women-things" (apparently until the kid is 18 months, the father is "not needed"). SUCH. BULLSHIT. Never mind that the central premise of the piece is that men should consider having a kid even if they don't want one for the sake of a relationship. Such a bad fucking idea. I mean I do, marginally, understand what the author's getting at, but this could be much better said if the focus was "men are rarely asked to think as realistically about reproduction as women are." Ugh.


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