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Vox writes about the role women’s magazines are taking in feminism and politics, most notably mobilizing young female voters. We cannot get enough women voting - this can only be good. Even the most conservative of women are going to be more sympathetic about things like family leave and equal pay than conservative men, at the very least.

One of my favorite points in the article is that this journalism isn’t being taken “seriously” but who gives a shit, because who are we waiting for to tell us it’s “serious?”


Some choice quotes (any emphasis mine):

But women’s media often faces the obstacle of not being taken seriously in the political landscape — yes, even in an election that saw presidential candidates arguing about the size of their penises.

Some of these pieces reached an audience in the political press. But a lot of them didn’t. And nearly all of these interviews or pieces [mentioned above] might be considered huge scoops in more mainstream publications.

“I remember in the ’90s working on the election effort, there was always the token election coverage, but the difference was that it didn’t take a point of view,” Aarons-Mele said. “Women’s magazines, in the past couple of years, have resumed their mantle of where thoughtful journalism can live. For younger women they are normalizing being involved in politics, they are pushing a pro-choice, pro-women agenda.”

“Women’s magazines are secret weapons,” Goldman says. “You get to read them in safe spaces, where you could address serious issues — sexual assault, abortion, wage equity.”

And the true test of seriousness is whether the focus on politics will mobilize voters, particularly millennials. Women’s magazines across the board have joined the #OurVoteCounts initiative to get out voter registration.

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