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The visiting scholar saga is not over!

Background here:

So I was blissfully ignorant of anything related to the visiting scholar. I wasn’t really eager to interact or to hear anything given that my mentor said that the emails she sent me weren’t inappropriate/scary/offputting - it was just all a big misunderstanding because she is LOVELY!


So yesterday another postdoc and I were working blissfully when we heard a woman arguing loudly. It wasn’t in English - so we had no idea what she was saying - but I knew instantly who it was, despite never having met or spoken to her.

A few minutes later, we heard her talking to a staff person. She had apparently resigned her visiting scholar position as of next week (!). However, she needed to keep her university email address so she could continue to use our resources and appear as though she was affiliated with us.

So she was then asked when she would last be in so that HR could get her badge. She said Sunday. The staff person was like, “yeah - no.” (the staff person was super professional throughout!).

Then the scholar said that since she is leaving early, she wanted a refund of the money she paid to the university (they charge bc it is a huge timesuck for staff).


Today I was going to a meeting with my mentor and she told staff that HR needed to get a legal consult!

Whoo boy do I feel vindicated!!!!

It may not be over - she might be in on tuesday when I am there. I will bring popcorn!!!

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