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The Voltron Project, Part 2.

I am making progress on this, even though it is going to take literal years to finish it. I can’t think about that too hard because it’s daunting, but I did it to myself and I WILL finish it! Or go blind, I’m not sure.

Anyway, the challenges of this thing are starting to mount. The fabric itself is white, and even though I wash my hands A LOT when I’m working on it, there will inevitably be grime that will have to wash out somehow. I’m concerned that the floss will bleed when I do that, which will make me stab someone. Probably what I’ll do is make a swatch with ALL of the colors and do a test wash on that. There are plenty of dye-fixing tricks I can do when it comes down to it but I want to minimize the amount of messing with it when it’s finally done.

Another major challenge is banding - rather than stitch a whole section of one color, I’m doing it page-by-page. Otherwise, we’re talking about multiple pages going at once and that’s a lot to keep track of, especially with the pick-up/put-down nature of my stitching sessions. My hope is that things will relax a bit in the washing stage.


The biggest thing, right now, is that I am sooooooo fucking BORED with this section. Black, white, grey. Over and over and over and oh by the way, FUCK BLACK THREAD because it absorbs light and I can’t see where I’m going half the time. Same also with white thread because OH MY GOD.

Still, I did this to myself and there’s no going back now.

13 pattern pages done, 224 to go.

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