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The Voltron Project, Part 4

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I have managed to find a pretty decent chunk of time almost every day to work on the beast.

I’ve finished 23 of 237 pattern pages. Some of them were only a few stitches here and there along the edges (one page was only 12 total stitches), but those are finished pages, my dudes. They count.

The main blade of the sword is finally, finally, FINALLY DONE. Yesterday, I finally started on the hilt and did a whole victory dance complete with ass-shaking to celebrate being able to do LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE besides blocks of black, white, grey. Now we’re adding blue and red! SO EXCITING.


There was one point where I was moving the hoop down and I had a small panic attack about maaaaybe being too close to the left edge but at this point if I have to graft some Aida onto the side, so be it, because there is no starting over on this thing. I’d die. It’s fine. I measured it again and IT IS FINE.

I think.

The only major issue I have with this project (aside from the sheer amount of stupid that birthed it), is that it’s so big, I can’t really drag it around with me. I suppose that’s all to the good, because it is slightly grungy and will only get filthier as time goes on. I can’t imagine how gross it would get if I were to start bringing it with me everywhere I go. Fingers crossed it will wash all right when the time comes. I can probably spot-clean it if need be.

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