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The Voltron Project, Part 5.

26 pages done! I finally finished the blade of the sword and have started on the hilt. Soooo many new colors, yaaaay!

I have to pay WAY closer attention now than I did before, but it’s fine. I’m re-watching The Sopranos and that’s something I can zone in and out of while I’m counting.


There is one teeny error at the top right of the hilt (I counted wrong-ish) but I think it will be an easy fix and won’t throw everything else off. The best way to do it will be to come up at it from the bottom (do the page below that pattern page) and make whatever small adjustments need to be made.

The one thing I have learned THE HARD WAY is that I cannot use blunt-tip needles on this thing. The fabric is just waaaay too small to handle them, so I have pointy-tip needles that I regularly jam into my fingertips. So far, I haven’t drawn blood but it’s really a matter of time with me.

I’m pleased with the progress I’m making, but I am still forecasting a 2021 finish! Aaaaagh.

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