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The Voltron Project, Part 7

Things are going VERY well with the Defender of the Universe. I get a couple of hours most days to work on it and I am making massive progress.

I’m starting to realize my design limitations as I work on it and I have identified a number of ways the pattern could be improved, but - PLOT TWIST - the working pattern file got corrupted when I was 99.9% done editing it so I have to take it as it is. I’m not about to re-edit the pattern from scratch because: a) that would be silly; b) it took me over 50 hours of work the first time around; c) the software is hella basic; and d) there is no way in hell I am making a second one of these even if 1998-era Jude Law asks me nicely. So it is what it is and it’s going well.

I am 45-ish pages into this thing. A few pages in the current batch are only a few stitches so calling them a page finish feels a little like cheating but whatever, a finish is a finish and there are 237 total pages (though one page only had like, 6 stitches on it).


It’s been about 8 months since I started this thing and I still think I’m going to bring it in around the 3-year mark, but as I get into a groove, it goes pretty quickly. That is, as long as I don’t fuck it up too badly and have to pull out hours worth of work (like YESTERDAY, when someone, who is me, decided counting to 6 was JUST TOO HARD). So... three years, give or take.

I am getting so much TV watched, you guys. Even boring shit I would normally skip is going on the Netflix queue because I can only re-watch 17 Again so many times. If I have a big, easy section, I will put on something new to me but if I’m doing something fiddly that requires a shitload of counting, I will put on something I’ve seen one billion times so I can have it in the background while I pay attention to Voltron. Ask me how many times I’ve watched Back To The Future.

This pic is from last week - you’re looking at Voltron’s right bicep and the beginning of his wings. There is SO MUCH RED. So many SHADES of red, and that’s after I consolidated a lot of the colors! The first pass had over 120 colors and like, 23 shades of red. I think I got it down to 6 or 7. It’s still a lot and they all look the same while I’m working but once I step back I can see the detail a little better. The next time I move the hoop I will take a full shot so you can all see just how ginormous this thing is.

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