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Welcome To The Bitchery

ONE YEAR. Well, on May 10th, it was one year since I made the first of at least 250,000 stitches that will eventually result in Voltron: Defender of the Universe rendered in cross-stitch.

Assuming, of course, that I don’t go blind or insane before I am able to finish it. Looking at even odds right now, tbh.

What’s remarkable about this project is that I AM STILL WORKING ON IT. If you look at my craft hoarding room, you will see piles of things. Baskets of things. Pieces of sweaters that I have knitted, but not sewn together. There is at least one crochet project that has stalled out because if I take time away from Voltron to work on it, I might never get back to him. I have baskets of yarn. Miles of Aida cloth. Kilometers of floss. Two sewing machines.


But... Voltron.

Last weekend, What’s-His-Name and I hit up one of our local farmers’ markets and there was a booth there that was selling sustainable, up-cycled kitchen stuff, among other things. Cloth scraps made into dinner napkins, etc. The cutest thing she had was wine bags made out of the sleeve of a man’s dress shirt. IT IS SUCH A COOL IDEA and What’s-His-Name has a closet full of shirts that he keeps meaning to donate but maybe they could be repurposed in this way! I should teach him how to sew because I simply won’t ever get around to this anytime soon.

So on the one hand, this is my passion project, that I have been thinking about and trying to figure out how to make it happen for over a decade. Maybe longer. On the other hand, am I passing up opportunities to make other things? Learn new skills? Maybe crank out a bunch of smaller things and sell them? Nobody in the family got handmade gifts for the holidays last year because of Voltron. I think they get it, but I’m not sure. This project hasn’t just taken over my life, it *is* my life.

When I’m not at the gym or dragging WeePiglet around, that is. I get probably 3 solid hours a day. Some days it’s more and some days it’s less (I do occasionally have to do things like laundry and make dinner and stuff).


One of the major issues with it is that it is HUGE. It’s just enormous and bulky and I am wary of taking it anywhere because it’s already a certain amount of dirty and I’m apprehensive about getting it clean when the time comes. I can’t imagine getting real-world filth on it or what if something spills or it tears or whatever? I can control the environment here at House of Flying Pigs! I can’t control the whole world [yet].

The photo below was taken on May 10, and in the two weeks since then, I have started on and made excellent progress on the Blue Lion. It turns out that giant blocks of color are boring, but they go fast and show a lot of progress, which is helpful when I start to get bored and wonder just how many times I would need to stab myself with my embroidery needle in order for it to be an issue.


Luckily for me, I have approximately seventeen thousand cable channels, plus Amazon, plus Netflix. I think Hulu is the only thing we don’t pay for, so I have SO MUCH TV to watch. I just finished Game of Thrones and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’m in the middle of Dead To Me (but I’m a TEENY bit disappointed that I have predicted all of the plot beats so far... I like to be surprised and this is not surprising to me, alas. Still, Christina Applegate is amazing in this and if you’re not watching it, go fix that right now). I also watch Schitt’s Creek whenever I can’t settle on something new. SO much TV.

So here we are, a year and some into this project. I still think it’s going to take 3 years total, but we’ll see how quickly this Blue Lion goes.

Illustration for article titled The Voltron Project, Part 9.

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