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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Wacky WIC Wordgame [For Facebook]

By now, I am sure most of us have seen at least one or two of our crazy conservative friends hop on the WIC outrage trend sweeping Facebook. Or, if you are me, you see it at least twice a day. WHY LET THE GOP HAVE ALL THE FUN??? I have created a quick and easy guide to joining the WIC rage on Facebook - just fill in the blanks and you are on your way to the perfect conservative status update!

Oh my god, I was just at [name of store] behind a lady and her [number] kids wearing her designer [article of clothing] with her [designer] [accessory] whip out her WIC coupons!! Did I mention she drove away in her BRAND NEW [type of car]?? Liberal social programs at their finest!! SMH.


It is just that simple! Now you can join in all the fun your republican friends are having at the expense of people they don't know! Bonus points for maintaining that a brand of clothing you can buy at Ross counts as "designer", denying the possibility that anything may be fake (no way! that Chanel bag with the interlocking circles was REAL!!) or hand me downs, and swear to God, or your unborn fetus, that the car was ABSOLUTELY HERS AND BRAND NEW SHE PROBABLY BOUGHT IT YESTERDAY. Triple bonus points if you were using WIC at some point and tell them that your situation was TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Have fun Jezzies!!

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