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The Waffles Ride Again!

And mostly without incident!

Mr. Waffle and I like to travel, especially when the weather gets cold. We take off for a warmer, if only by a little bit, locale and take a few days to warm our bones. This time, we headed to Zion National Park. I am proud to report, it was a successful trip!


Mr. Waffle found an awesome deal on Groupon for a camper van from a company called Jucy. GT'ers Down Under will likely recognize the name. They've just branched out into the US market, and it was a great way to travel. No, the bed isn't the comfiest thing in the world, but it was better than sleeping outside. The one small hiccup in our plan was making sure we had an electrical site for Mr. Waffle's CPAP. The one night we didn't have electricity, he just couldn't fall asleep so at 2 a.m. we checked into a La Quinta, and the man at the desk felt so bad for us, he gave us the AARP discount. Admittedly, it felt good to have a shower, especially since my period started the day we left. Yay for having to wear an overnight pad during the day!

We usually drive a lot on our vacations, but we decided to stick around Zion and really kick back and enjoy ourselves. We took nice hikes, stargazed, built campfires, and cooked out. It was lovely.

We had to be back in Las Vegas by 2 p.m. to return the camper van, but our flight home wasn't until midnight, so we tried to find ways to kill time. However, I was incredibly sore, because I'm incredibly out-of-shape, so we headed to the airport to nap and read until our flight. The first TSA agent didn't want to let us through, because the flight was for "tomorrow." Well, yeah, the date changes at midnight, but we boarded at 11:30. So he and I went back and forth on this, with him not listening to me, until I yelled that our flight was at midnight, and that's how times/dates work, at which he pulled his phone out to confirm, and let us through. The second TSA agent waited until Mr. Waffle unpacked the CPAP from his bag before telling him he didn't have to unpack the CPAP from his bag, which was annoying.

We killed some more time playing penny slots and wandering as many concourses as we could, but we were tired and cranky, so we headed to our gate only to hear over the intercom that our flight, at midnight, had been delayed by an hour and 45 minutes. Crap. Fortunately, they let us change our tickets to fly out the next morning, and we'd built in some recovery time before going back to work. We hopped on the bus and headed toward the Strip to get a hotel room for the night.


On the bus, a very drunk gentleman stumbled on and started talking to the driver. Then he sat next to us, turned and said, "I'm sorry, where'd you say you were from?" We hadn't spoken to him at all at this point. He rambled on about his girlfriend, and how much the people in Las Vegas suck, and then turned to us again, got that drunk-thinker face, and said, "Carl... Janice. It was really great meeting you." We shook hands and he got off the bus. Our names are not Carl and Janice.

We settled on The Excalibur because it was cheap, and decided we'd be back for a vacation dedicated to the Strip, for no other reason than to take in the cheesiness of it all, and really go full-tourist. Carl and Janice do Las Vegas! We referred to each other with these names the rest of the night.


We only had one tiff, because we both were cranky and needed naps. Mr. Waffle has done a great job leading by example in how to be a good traveler, and I know him well enough now to anticipate and plan ahead for most hiccups. We've gotten really good at being complimentary and easy-going. He got a kick out of the fact that I didn't put pants on to pee outside during the night, and I brought packets of freeze-dried coffee because I knew it would make him happy.

We also got some candid photos, and I may or may not have accidentally cajoled an Australian into licking an ice-covered pole... All in all, it was a good trip but I'm glad to be back home with instant access to bathrooms and my cats.

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