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The Walking Dead + My (maybe) Feminist Outrage (outdated spoilers)

So I have been binge watching this (I am mid way through season 2, no spoilers please!), and I feel like it is completely tonedeaf with gender constructs. I am so over big macho men protecting dumb idiot women from themselves and others, and even the more badass woman characters are flat and have little substance. It is endless "let the men handle this" "quiet the men are talking" "the men make all the decisions." I realize there are more episodes but I feel as if I've seen enough to get a feel for the writers' goals.

For reference, I am at the point where Lori has just found out she's pregnant, Glen just found the walkers in the barn, and they are still trying to make me care about finding Sophia even though I'm sure it won't happen.

Lori is insufferable - and it's not her fault. She is written to have endless flaws and basically no redeeming qualities. There is so much potential to show her in an empathetic light when it comes to her affair with Shane, yet instead they make sure you know she is the bitch and Rick is the good guy well before the zombie apocalypse, when she is telling her friend how she hates Rick for being such an even-tempered good husband.


Carol, on the other hand, is very pitiful, but the way they show the abusive relationship between her and her husband is just flat out wrong. It is written by the people who say, "why don't you just leave that abusive husband?" rather than accurately representing the emotional push and pull, and not to the mention the aftermath, of an abusive relationship. She is also written to be just plain fucking helpless - her daughter is lost and she still waits and waits and waits. Maybe this is her response to being bossed around by her horrible husband for years, but I am not convinced they really thought that deeply about her.

One redeeming relationship seems to be Dale and Andrea, because Dale seems to be recognizing how wrong it is to try to control Andrea. I keep waiting for Andrea to make up for all of this, but she is still very one-dimensional. A sort-of tomboy who wants to be a badass is cool on its own, but I feel like her story is already written for her: she will eventually become badass, Lori will resent her because Lori is a nonstop bitch, and Andrea will prove herself by saving the day or something.

Honestly, most of the characters are pretty flat, now that I write this, men and women alike.

On a related note, the story is also about white people being in charge. We all know there are no black people in Georgia, right? There is one black man, and because he is so inconsequential to the story, I can't remember his name. He left his one black wife in the CDC when she wanted to die (I didn't realize they were married before that, because they got so little air time), and then he had zero mourning, zero emotions, and no talk of her ever again. Clearly we are not supposed to care about her. The one Hispanic family leaves, and the Asian character is constantly getting bossed around despite the fact that he has saved their asses a bunch of times.


So, does anyone have any thoughts, counter-points, etc after that rant? I am willing to accept that it gets better later on.

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