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So back when I was a girl (this would be in the 80s and 90s) growing up in the tri-state area, I feel like I saw a decent amount of Hanukkah displays out in public (shops, grocery stores, etc). Chances are if you saw a Christmas tree somewhere, at the very least you would see a token menorah displayed alongside it. But, lately, I feel like that hasn't been the case. And it's not like I don't live in a particularly Jewish area—New York has the second highest population of Jews in the world. We beat Jerusalem by about 1.5 million people!)


So what gives? Is it just that I'm not noticing holiday decorations as much because I'm not a child enraptured by twinkling lights and toy displays? Is it that a lot of my Jewish friends are Orthodox or Conservative (or Conservadox) or raised as such and Hanukkah just isn't as big a deal for them, so that's the "Jewishness" I'm exposed to? Is it that the "politically correct" tendencies of the 90s have dulled with time? What have you guys noticed?

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