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The "we might live in a ridiculous place" saga continues

I get home last night, and the boy says "hey, you're going to love this. I got a call to interview in Mississippi last night." "Um, where?" "Starkville. It's one of those places that's a 2.5 hour drive to anywhere. Population 25,000." "I.... I might not come."

Well, Fargo sounds like a paradise of metropolitan living compared to that! Checking for all our favorite things besides liberals and abortion clinics, there's no rock climbing of any type, not even a dinky indoor wall. There are no ice rinks - he plays hockey. There's ONE yoga studio (plus parks and rec type classes). There is no cross country skiing (I LOVE cross country skiing, it's a huge consolation against a cold climate). He said that he might just draw the line there. I love that lack of hockey rink is actually weighing seriously against his entire career that he's worked decades for. As for me, I'd have a very tough time finding a job for myself.

And if he got this job, it's tenure track academia - it'd be our home for the next 30 years. The other job is government (benefits! 8-5 hours! possibility of moving within the agency!) His field is such that there's not many options and you go where you find a job. He was complaining that it's like a cult - just when you think you're done, they draw you back in. Hey, at least you can still talk to other scientists if you leave the cult or criticize it!


He hasn't stopped his work on a career change; me and the internet convinced him to try learning programming. If gets either of these jobs, we'll be having a long talk about whether both of us would be happy. And my ability to find a job is a huge consideration since I still owe $160k on my student loans and can't really pay that working "a job any job" outside my field.

Let me tell you, I do not "fucking love science." This has been years now of dangled hopes. And if anyone asks, he hasn't even gotten callbacks for small college teaching jobs, and adjuncting is not allowed. Fuck Congress for not funding science and fuck academia and its pyramid scheme.

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