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The much to do update on the wedding from hell.

So, a little back story. My bil and sil got legally married about a year ago and have been living together for two years. My sil has always wanted a disney wedding. Both aren't religious so it was just another ceremony with the disney backdrop. The wedding was at the boardwalk at Disney World.

The first full day at the park was a shit show. We offered to get our inlaws the discounted military rate. My inlaws were an hour late meeting us to get the tickets because they were having breakfast with bil/sil. We didn't get to the park till almost noon and it was blazing hot. We kept playing this game of catch up with my bil/sil because they would go and do whatever they'd like at the park and then my mil insisted on meeting up with them. It didn't matter about my husband or myself or my toddler. Basically, whenever my bil says jump, my mil jumps. We ended up leaving Animal Kingdom and going to Epcot for dinner.


The next day, the day before the wedding, my bil doesn't even acknowledge my husband's existence or even thank him for filming the wedding. All he says to my husband is, "that isn't what you are going to film the wedding with, are you?" My husband has a Nikon DSLR, which isn't a shabby camera. He actually has a Canon mini HDV which is a very nice camera (of course purchased pre-baby and pre-me)! BIL/sil hadn't bothered to explain how the wedding day was going down until the day before. They continued to do whatever they wanted and to blow off my mil/fil. My husband and I kind of did our own thing with the baby but it was still annoying because instead of having a set plan we had to "just see" what bil/sil wanted to do.

My mil/fil picks us up on Wednesday and tells us that sil got horribly ill from the dinner at the cinderella's castle. It had also been raining nonstop the entire morning and was projected to rain the entire day. So for brevity's sake, an overview:

-The bought an expensive bow tie for everyone in the wedding party and expected them to pay them back for it. My fil officiated the wedding for free and they still asked him to pay them back. WTF!

-My sil had her wedding dress on for literally an hour. It was like a 2,000 dollars cinderella inspired dress.

-They moved the wedding indoors to a conference room. It wasn't even a nice conference room. They had a disney hr meeting right next door during the wedding and we could hear various people come in and out during the wedding.


-The wedding was 20 minutes late because they couldn't get their shit together.

-My husband spent a good 2 hours prepping and my bil didn't thank my husband once for filming the wedding.


-After the ceremony, they had cake. The couple cut like 5 pieces and put away the cake. They ended up giving it to a disney worker. MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE LET YOUR GUESTS WHO SPENT THOUSANDS TO SEE YOU EAT THE GODDAMN CAKE.

-After the wedding, we had to do pictures and had no idea what we were doing for dinner. It was 7pm and none of us had food. My fil had planned on paying for everyone to go out to a restaurant of their choice. Everyone ended up going out to the restaurant anyway and they just blew off my inlaws and my husband and I. Because she "felt better". We had noodles and company on the wedding night.


The day after the wedding, my bil started pressuring my husband on editing the video for the reception. I finally put my foot down and told my husband he wasn't going to spend 10 hours for free professionally editing the video. My husband told my bil this and he stills sends pictures and acts like my husband is going to procure an edited video to show. The jokes on them. My husband isn't doing it. He is giving them the raw footage and they can pay someone to edit it.

The wedding was terrible and the next two days they made my inlaws chase them around and never told them what was going on. My husband and I had a lot of fun but there was some seriously moments of frustration My only solace is that they paid like 20,000 for the entire wedding/dress/etc. and it was awful.


T0 top it off, they are having a reception in a week. But I guess fuck feeding your guests who actually attended the wedding, right?

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