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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Wedding - Drama Free!

I've gotten a couple of requests to report on the state of drama at this weekend's wedding. But fortunately, there was none! There were some hiccups - it rained, so we had to have the wedding indoors (wtf it's August!) and as much as I tried to arrange all the details, we still didn't have someone in charge of the programs or the guest book, and the cake topper slid off the cake halfway through the wedding. BUT. There was no drama at all. Not a word from the crazy ex-bridesmaid after Greenhunk's epic letter. The rest of the wedding party was a tremendous help, and I made a new friend and became a lot closer with someone I'd been sort of tentative friends with but wasn't sure how to really talk to. The bride's mom even managed to avoid making a scene (she is really emotionally manipulative).


And, best of all, I caught the bouquet. And Greenhunk caught the garter. And I think, this time, it might actually be indicative of the future. :D

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