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There's this app you can download that shows you what you were posting on social media sites on this day last year, the year before that, and the year before that, going back six years.

Most days, it's amusing. Oh, I'd forgotten about that eventful dinner! Woah, has it been a year since that trip? Hey, maybe I should chat that friend up again.


There are days, though, that it gets... weird. Since it goes so far back, at the moment, it's slowly chronicling the last days of my marriage. This time, six years ago, I was still married to my ex. By that June, I would be walking out. It's strange to see pictures of our old place, of us still together, though I can already see the melancholy edge to my posts. There are fewer pictures of him, fewer posts tagging him... fewer posts in general, actually.

It's also beginning to go over some times of major discontent with my work situation... as well as times of great joy. Due to the nature of showing me six years of information at once, these often happen at once. In the same day, I'll often get posts about how much I love my job, and how unhappy I am with my job. There will be posts about a team I love, and being disenchanted with them.

One way it's affected me is that I'm trying to post more memorable, upbeat things. There are swaths of my past that are unrecorded, merely because I didn't take any pictures during a trip or mention them on Twitter. I'd like to look back and be able to see more of the good times represented.

Does anyone else use Timehop and have the same experiences with it?

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