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Happy Friday, GT!

Took a bit of a break there - got engaged, went on vacation, started a new job, moving in a couple weeks...your friendly neighborhood Burnernator is getting pretty damn overwhelmed with life changes.


My question for you all today is: when watching a popularly sad movie, what are the weird, unexpected parts that you cry at?

For example:

Everyone knows about Up. We all know about the “Married Life” scene and how Pixar absolutely murders the whole “emotional manipulation” thing.

But I did not cry during “Married Life.” I never do. It is a beautiful, wrenching scene, but it has never made me cry.

Instead, when watching that movie, I cry at two strange parts.

1. When Russell reveals that the hero adventurer dad he’s been talking about the whole movie is actually a huge deadbeat. “Phyllis says I bug him too much” made me bawl in front of my whole family.


2. When Carl unloads the whole house to go rescue Russell and Kevin. He’s got his sleeves rolled up, he’s seemingly forgotten that he needs a walker, and he’s the most determined we’ve seen him so far. The music is triumphant as fuck, and it always makes me whimper “he’s being BRAVE! because he loves his FRIENDS!!” Watching movies with me is fun.

But Married Life? Eyes dry as a bone.

What about you, folks? What are your weird crying parts?

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