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The What's Underneath Project

Today I stumbled upon The What's Underneath Project. A project that interviews men and women while they take their clothes off, hoping to prove that style is not what you wear, but what's underneath.

Although it relies heavily on dressing style too hang it's metaphorical hook on, the conversations often go much deeper. About sense of self and identity through appearance.


The first part in the series interviews 3 different people about what their style says about them, what their inspiration is and how it feels to live in their body. Every person in this video is a gorgeous person if you ask me, although I was particularly taken with the older woman (Emmanuelle Linard I think?).

The video I stumbled on at first was the following one :

Where they spend the entire interview on Meredith, a singer in the band Perfect Pussy (unknown to me, but maybe someone else knows it). I was struck with her (and the other participants) beauty, how contradictory their feelings about themselves were to how I saw them right there. They all seemed so uniquely themselves. Full of an energy that was their own. In all of the interviews I saw these people thought so badly about their body's and at the same time were proud of who they themselves were. It was painful to think that people I would admire (on the street and even more in a conversation) for their self-ness would feel so negatively about the skin they are in.

Like many other people I've struggled with my image of my body and myself. In particular in the last few months I've struggled and realised I've lost much of what I once thought was ME. Energetic, with a broad smile, fierce but kind, positive and maybe a hint of chosen naivety, ambitious but only with enjoyment on the side. These days I have trouble with all of those aspects of myself. Add to that the constant awareness of my body and style (or lack there of) and these videos hit home. I don't know who I am. They seem to know very well. I envy them for that. And stil someone I envy can be so fragile to the thoughts of others. Or the comparison of themselves to the image that is expected.


I know what I'll be spending my evening doing. I'm glad I stumbled onto this.

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