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The White Shirt Hunt - Results

I ended up ordering FIVE different white shirts. The original three plus a later recommendation by KrabbyPaddy and a custom-made one as well as recommended by lurkerbynature. The original three have all arrived, the other two won't arrive until next week. With 2 more to come, I am not declaring a "winner" at this point, but here are the results for the first three.

Note: All three of them arrived looking like they had been left in the bottom of the clothes hamper under sweaty gym clothes. This is despite being "wrinkle free" and arriving bagged and on hangers.

Individual results:


This one has the best fabric - heavy weight, tight weave, very "expensive" feeling, nicely finished. It is darted in the back, but not the front. Perfect length. No where was it too tight, but the waist, despite the darts, is baggy, and the sleeves are about 1 1/2" too long, so it will need tailoring. I could see this shirt lasting for many years. Score 7/10

This one was a mid-weight fabric, less dense than the Land's End version, but still substantial. The sleeves, on the upper arms, are too tight, the waist is baggy. The length is good. Score 5/10 (cannot tailor too-tight sleeves, and price)


This is the thinnest fabric of the three. It is not sheer, but rather flimsy and not crisp. It is not a full button up, but has instead a V-neck that I did not notice in the picture. The length was good, not too long as I feared. The fit through the waist is better than the other two, but still would require tailoring. This one also was too tight in the sleeves. Score 6/10

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