Back during the cold snap, my boss started writing depressing social facts on the whiteboard outside the office (poverty, homelessness, hunger, etc.). I asked her about this, and she said she was sick of hearing us complain about small things that affect us as college students, and that she wanted us to be aware that many more people have it worse than we do.

I realize that many people in the world are worse off than undergrads at a private school. And I think that sucks. But I don't think that this suffering makes our problems any less valid. And college students face a hell of a lot of problems. Stress, mental illness, crushing debt, few jobs available for recent grads.

The other thing that bothers me about the Whiteboard of Doom is that I don't believe awareness does shit. It's nice to be aware of social problems. But that doesn't actually do anything unless you figure out ways that you can help with them. Just writing down depressing facts isn't enough.

And so I'm beginning my campaign to hijack the Whiteboard of Doom.

Last week, there was a statement about the net worths of Congressmen on the board (millions). I wrote that the average new worth of a student at my school was -40k per year (tuition costs). Unfortunately, my boss didn't see the negative sign, so she got really pissed thinking that someone really thought that college students had 40k a year.

I need to come back from this awkward beginning. I need your help! I need depressing facts about the shit that students have to deal with.


I've already got my next fact: that 25% of college students suffer from mental illness, but only a fraction have been diagnosed or received treatment. Which is pretty depressing. Mental illness is some serious shit. This will be my opening volley this week. I need more.

I'm also planning to space out my college student facts with resources to get help or to help out with social problems. I'd rather that the people at my job feel empowered to help themselves or others, rather than feeling depressed all the time.

Can you guys help me out?