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The whole santa claus thing

Is it that important to get a picture pf your screaming kid with a man in a red suit? I might not be getting it because I grew up in a muslim country and did not believe in Santa, but I feel like it kinda sucks to force your kid upon the lap of a scary stranger and it's a bit incoherent (if you're also telling them their body is theirs, that they shouldn't do something they're unconfortable with). I took my kid with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law because it was important to my m.i.l. mostly. And my kid was ok (he's a bit antisocial so I spent the morning showing him santa cartoons to prepare for the big meeting), but my niece, the other grandkid, was yelling no and crying and redfaced and terrified and we kept trying to get her to smile or just stop crying instead of taking her back in a reassuring embrace. It's a bit weird from my perspective, because they won't even remember this experience, it's just a sucky moment for everyone. And it kind of teaches your kids that adults can force them onto their laps, wich is not the best thing, I think. It bothers me a bit.


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