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The wine ghost strikes again!

I might have been wrong with my scientific explanation. More weird things have happened. The bottle was once again open in the fridge this afternoon, two days later and many, many hours of being open later. I don't know how there could be enough carbonation to push it open at this point.

I also went to open my front window's blinds today (usually they're closed), and the three cords were tangled up. This is really weird, and I don't remember them being this way. I don't know how they would have gotten tangled together. So I start to pull them apart, and I realize the cords have actually been braided together.


What the fuck?

Who would have braided the cords together? It's my room. No one else goes in. I live with three men and one woman, who is never home and has a different room. There is furniture surrounding the window that would make standing/reaching to braid the cords very uncomfortable, especially for the time it would take to braid the whole thing and tie it up.



The middle of the cord.


(Sorry for the quality, I didn't realize it was braided until after I had started untangling the cord, and I only could take a cell phone picture of what was left)

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