Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Womansplainer

Are you tired of men asking you to explain rape culture? Are you getting bored with your rehearsed speech about how reverse racism is not a thing? Do you find it strange that someone asking about feminism on the internet can't just google it?

"Noted misandrist and Illuminati ringleader" Elizabeth Simins is happy to take this problem off your hands. Her new service, The Womansplainer, will answer all of theses questions and more...for a price.


Next time you're faced with some really stupid question (are all feminists lesbians?), direct them to the Womansplainer. For $20, she'll spend 10min reseraching the issue to provide useful links - if they can do it themselves, why should you do it for them for free?

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