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If y'all haven't watched this yet, you should. I love soccer. I think it's a great sport and I think it's wonderful in that all you need to play is a ball, and I think that's why it's basically a religion - almost anyone, anywhere can get a soccer game going. I'm also extremely excited for the World Cup, and am rooting for Brazil.

But I'm also really into critical consumption, and so I think this video (and others like it) are very important. I think we need to look at the corruption among FIFA, and look at why FIFA is consistently choosing host countries that are often impoverished and have shady (to say the least) human rights records. FYI, World Cup 2022 is in Qatar, and World Cup 2018 is in Russia.

People have died for the World Cup already in Brazil, and already in Qatar. I don't mean to ruin everyone's fun, but I think it's important to be aware of, especially as Rio 2016 approaches as well.

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