So, this is what I did with my evening, because the world sucks and life is better when there's cake in it. Oh, and no, that bourbon isn't sitting there (just) for me to chug as I despair over humanity, there's bourbon in the cake. That's peanut butter cake with chocolate-bourbon buttercream frosting. OM NOM NOM

I made it specifically for Ma and Pa Fishnets, since they helped me like crazy when I applied for this apartment rental the other day. Awesome family powers activate!

But even without that, today just seemed like a necessary day to make cake. I think baking is how I deal with my frustrations/what I do when I want to ignore how much everything sucks. For example, while I was finishing up my first semester of my senior thesis I decided to sign up for a table at a craft sale to sell baked goods (CAUSE I HAD TIME FOR THAT). This photo was taken during those shenanigans:

I hope everyone else is doing whatever they can to decrease worldsuck, even if it's only by a small, cake-shaped amount.