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The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire

I saw this on BBC iPlayer last night and thought it might be of interest. David Olusoga, an historian specialising in colonialism, slavery and racism, discusses the roles and experiences of Asian and African soldiers who fought during World War I.

It seems a shame that the series only runs to two programmes, especially as this is such a neglected area of history in the mainstream. And I am a little nervous that this will be rolled out as justification for ignoring the actions and experiences of people of colour in the BBC's broader World War I coverage.

However, I do think that Olusoga explores the material covered very well. I'd love to hear GT'ers take on it.


Note: BBC iPlayer is only strictly available in the UK but there are, of course, ways and means. I'm sure the programmes will end up on YouTube and for legal download in due course.

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