Imagination Exercise~Facebook Edition: the response you wish you could make but won’t because it’s an invitation for a head explosion & a very public smack~down you don’t want to engage in. Cursing allowed.

Dump it here for no other reason than to get it off your chest. Another internet venue? Dump it here.

Sadly, I wish answering in real life didn’t blow up real relationships. Funny how people we know don’t think twice about posting this deeply offensive shit in the first place.

Two of WAAAY too many~


Thanks, OBAMA! Obama made me use the word “Pussy” even when I say I don’t use that word! Of course it was Obama’s fault. Not sure how it was his fault, BUT IT IS!!! I said so!! Filthy Immigrants! ‘Murica! He’s comin’ for yer guns!! Go ahead and “France” your profile pictures you sniveling, know~nothing nitwits.


Shut up, person who I really liked in real life until we became Facebook “friends.” Just shut the fuck up. Do you even LOOK at the source material you regurgitate? We don’t need terrorists (read: filthy immigrants & refugees) to shoot up our malls, schools, etcetera. We do a great job at that with our own natural born citizens. Also, Thanks OBAMA!

Plus, Libtards? You still don’t know why that is deeply offensive (having nothing to do with being a Liberal) to parents everywhere?


Sorry, in advance.