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The Worst of All Goodbyes (Or Sparkle_Motion Bids Adieu)

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Let's start with a question:

What's the worst goodbye you've ever received?

You know, the one that left you both cold and seething — bemused, irritated, and angry all at once. Yep, the adios that still lingers with you, all these years later, though you can't quite figure out why. Think for a minute. And then please tell me. What was it?

Here's a doozy of my own to get you started:

A couple of years ago I hosted a fun party at my apartment. Nothing grand; no big occasion. Just a fun and festive gathering. Near the end of the night, a friend (or so I thought) seemed to be making his / her way for the door, so I gracefully excused myself from another conversation, gathered the person's coat, and met him / her near in the tiny little foyer to say goodnight. "Here you go," I said politely. "And thank you for coming."

"Oh, Sparkle," s/he said with a sneer. "I didn't know you were invited."

It was, again, my apartment. Goodbye, indeed.



And now a sad goodbye to all of you. I'm going to disappear from 'round here, I think. I've spent lots of time on Deadspin and Gawker and Jezebel and GroupThink these last few years, but I think the clock has reached its end.

So adieu, my friends. Should anyone care, I'm happy to explain why now and why at all. But I figure sometimes just saying thank you is enough. And I do thank you.

If you ever think of me again, I hope you think of me well. And please don't ever, never, ever doubt my commitment to Sparkle_Motion.

Be well, everyone.


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