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The Worst of Times, Now Not Much Better

Hello all.

Maybe you remember me here. It has been awhile.

Anyway, to put a fine point on it. Nearly a year ago my husband, my beloved, was rendered minimally conscious by a complete idiot. If you saw him you would likely say he is vegetative—not so. He is inconsistently aware of his surroundings. He can occasionally focus his eyes on something or someone and can sometimes follow a very simple command. He can no longer walk, talk, or frankly live his fucking life. And yes, I’m a bit peeved about all of this.


Did I ever mention that he used to fly airplanes? That he was a genius in mathematics. That he loved to cross-country ski, and was a sensitive father?

He would never, under any circumstance, have wanted to “live” life like this.

However, he did not have a living will or advance directive in place when this happened to him.

I am spreading the word. Get a living will or advanced directive. It’s easy!

The next time you are in a hospital. Ask for advanced directive paperwork. Fill it out. Turn it in. Print it off and have it at your home, in your car, at your local hospital, and inform your local EMS. Do it for a loved one! It is a hard conversation, but believe someone who now regularly showers their husband on a toilet chair, get the paper that states that you do not want this for yourself or your family.


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