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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Worst: Unsolicited Advice

Yes, I have thought through every option. That's why I picked this one.

"It's so annoying that I have to disconnect and reconnect to my game when I take my personal laptop to work, the line is so long to get in!"
"Why don't you put the game on your work laptop?"
"Uh...I don't put games on my work laptop. They watch that shit."
"Well you can remote in as long as you're not doing anything too intensive!"
"I'm not downloading remote software and even if I used a web-based one they monitor these computers. I don't do personal things on work computers."
"But there are web-based ones!"
"You can remote in on your phone!!!"
"...you really think the inconvenience of not being able to play for an hour when I get to work is worse than the inconvenience it would be to play an MMORPG designed for computers ON A PHONE?!"


Of course, then I say that I hate using phones for serious things and mention I tried to get WhatsApp on my computer even and he has to give me advice on how to get that. Even though he doesn't even have it, he's "sure you can". UGH.

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