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The fabulous writer (and mother) Anne Lamott reposted her essay on why she doesn't like Mother's Day because it celebrates this idea that women with children are more important and better people than those without. Spewing comments ensued. WHY DO YOU HATE MOTHERS?

What drives me crazy about Mother's Day is that it brings out the superior and smug comments. "Oh you'll never know love until you have children," said one of my closest friends. Comments like that are all over my FB page.

Yes, kids are great if you want them. I do not. I don't know why it's become this superiority contest. It's true, I probably won't know unconditional love, because I have no partner and my cats will never take care of me while I'm sick, and I've been cleaning up their poop and puke for eight years now.


Anyway, I don't know how to respond to these comments without being nasty. I've resorted to "That's a really horrible thing to say to someone who loves you very much. Gotta go."

Here's Anne's essay

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