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The Year of AfroMeatballs

Now, it's that time again. The time where resolutions are made but never completed. With 2013, I had my share of fuckery this that I will not be repeating. However, 2014 will be different for me. This year I plan on doing things differently. Instead of making a list of resolutions, I will just make a list of things I want and do not want for this year. There are some things I need to decide on but I will get to those when I get to them.


Things I want for myself in 2014:

  • Be financially on a good start which means paying bills and not hiding from them
  • Have mind, body, soul. This means going to school, working out, eating 3 healthy meals a day (instead of eating once a day or every couple of days), and working out my issues.
  • Be unafraid to tell people exactly how I feel.

I have already started telling people to fuck off. I will just be cranking it to 11.

  • Have JJ Watt propose to me.
  • Get big unapologetic hair. My hair is already fluffy and semi-big(even though pictures don't show it. I want it bigger so I can complain more on wash day.
  • I will start letting guys know that I do not pick up on flirting cues that well. I'm horrible at it. It amazes me how clueless I can be.
  • Sing (karaoke) and dance....in public. I'm pretty sure my mirror is getting tired of my performances.
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Things I will don't do in 2014:

  • I will not put everyone's needs before mine.
  • I will not keep my mouth shut when someone says something I disagree with.
  • I will not spend money to keep up with my more wealthy acquaintances.

I will be staying home and eating my cuties in peace.

  • I will not let another guy use me.
  • I will not apologize for being a Womanist.
  • I will not put one Dad before the other. (Them 2 can sort out their feelings themselves.)
  • I will not help my brother anymore. It's time he learns on his own. If he fails so be it cause he didn't listen in the first place.

Things I am on the fence about:

  • Whether I should contact my mom or not. I think it's time to at least send her an email saying my brother and I are fine if she cares. Maybe a picture of us or something. Idk.
  • Nail Polish. Should I continue buying more or just find my signature color?
  • Should I try to write my stories or outline them and give them to someone else to write?
  • Should I go Paleo or Vegetarian? Dairy and some other stuff give me issues.
  • Should I actually try to match my socks or should I continue my plan of putting on whatever socks I can find?
  • Should I find an apartment complex that would allow Pugsley to stay with me? That dog is miserable at my Dad's...

As you can see some of those will be easier than others.


Let's hope 2014 has less fuckery than 2013. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

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