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The Young Pope -- who's watching?

OK, I’ve only seen episode 1 — started too late last night to fit the second one in — but this show is batshit in the most fun way!

Jude Law is smooth perfection, he’s the fresh ice behind the Zamboni. Can’t wait to see Diane Keaton turn on, you know Sister Mary is not going to sit quietly and be Pius XIII’s yes woman, even though she may be his biggest defender. The supporting cast of cardinals and the camerlengo looks to be solid. And the visuals (even when the CGI is a bit obvious) — the apostolic palace and basilica, the costumes, the lighting — wow.

I have to wonder, what in his past behavior would make a conclave select Lenny as pope? His attitude seems to be a surprise to those around him; wasn’t he a bishop at least (would seem so, one flashback had him in a purple zucchetto)? Wouldn’t he have history as a religious leader, which would inform expectations — or has he changed tack completely? I hope these questions are answered as we move forward. [ETA: The election of an American would be a shock; the election of an American who seems so unknown would be an even bigger shock. CHERRY COKE ZERO.]


Most shocking to me was his statement that his conscience accuses him of nothing, so he has no sins to confess.

Will watch episode 2 tonight...

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