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Good morning, folks. It’s Thursday - home stretch for many a work week here, I’m sure. How are all of you??

TW: abuse

I personally am okay, but there is, per usual, some craziness happening around me. A cousin, who I am close to (who I believe I have mentioned here before?) was beat up by her partner/father of 2 of her kids two nights ago. I’ll spare y’all the details. I mostly just am sad for her and her situation. Ugh. Just send light to her if you can.


In other news, one of my close friends who I have known for 20yrs (since 2nd grade, y’all!) is now separated from his wife. They just celebrated one year married in September. It’s complicated. I love them both, and it isn’t my job to take sides, but it just sucks.

Other than that, I’m great, actually. I really like my new job a lot, and I think I’ll be quite good at it. I’m also about to get a consultation from a young woman who I was referred to for my macros and stuff, and I’m going to join the crossfit place by the job since my contract with the old spot is now over.

So tell me, how are y’all? Any weekend plans or is it just holiday prep for the US peeps in here?

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