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Well thanks to my great............great........ grandparent hooking up with a Neanderthal or Denisovian I have asthma and allergies. Yup their love better have been for the record books

No they did not ask “could this intermingling of humanoid cousins cause a genetic backlash”. Nope never thought it through.


So remember next time your asthma, hay faver or other allergies devestate you just remember to thank great........great......parent and their Neanderthal lover.

I am going to think of them as deeply, passionately in love and not two people.who said “You are a good looking Neanderthal”, “You are a good looking homo sapien” and ending up having a quickie in a cave.

This was done tongue in cheek. In reality the coupling may have been quite violent amd nonconsentual..My mind does not want to go there. Who knows if they suddenly appeared via a time warp to now I imagine we would be great pals and I would think fondly of my distant in the past relatives. Reality I know is they would destroy everything on sight or worship me.

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