Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Them: "What's wrong?" Me: "NOTHINGGGGGG."

I must have one of those faces and voices that make me look and sound perpetually annoyed/angry/bothered/etc., all the fucking time. My coworker who works in one of our other offices ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS asks me, whenever she talks to me on the phone, “What’s wrong? You sound ______ [insert negative emotion]”. And like, with the occasional exception, NOTHING IS EVER WRONG I PROMISE I’M FINE AND I’M LISTENING TO YOU AND NO I’M NOT ANNOYED THAT YOU’RE CALLING ME PLEASE BELIEVE ME. Every time I call her or she calls me, I try to make my voice as upbeat as possible and sound cheery, but eventually I slip back into my normal human talking voice, and then I get the, “What’s the matter?” Nothingggggggggg’s the matterrrr.

And my stepmom’s always asking me if I’m okay, just because I’ll be in the same room with her and quiet. Like, if I have something to say I will say it, but if not I don’t like to fill up the room with noise, ya know? It’s totally alright to just sit and be quiet. But it drives her crazy and she just jumps to something must be wrong because I’m not talking. Stoppppp.


Does this happen to anyone else enough to drive them crazy too?

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