Hi all! My birthday is approaching in a few weeks (early April-ish) and I'd like to throw a little shin-dig. I've tried searching online for ideas but I get overwhelmed and can't seem to find a good theme that's not corny or horribly expensive. Please help, Hivemind! :)

It will be pretty small - 10 people maximum - and I'd feel okay spending up to $100-200 for decorations, snacks, and drinks. I usually provide snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, a special cocktail and then tell people to bring beer or whatever they'd like to drink (if they prefer more than the special drink or something instead of it).

I've done a bunch of them in the past, usually with some decorations and a special cocktail to match (mojitos, margaritas, etc). I've thrown Midsummer parties, Spring parties, masquerade parties, games nights, and Halloween parties so far.

So far I've thought of:

- (True) detective theme - with puzzles/clues/things to figure out. Not a murder mystery, per se, but something along those lines. Would probably serve manhattans or something old-timey.


- Paris in Springtime - pastels, pretty dresses and hats, wine, fancy pastries

But I'm not sold on anything yet. I'd love to hear about theme parties you've thrown, or attended, or read about or imagined!