I had therapy today. It was my fourth session with the same person and it officially marks my longest therapeutic relationship! So I'm feeling a bit chuffed about it.

One of the things my therapist does sometimes is to remind me of all the things I have accomplished, amidst great emotional turmoil and the lethargy of depression. Which is good for me, because I tend to focus on all the things I'm not doing or all the things I've fucked up/am fucking up.

Example: at the beginning of my decent into the Really Bad period of depression, I started a 9-month professional education program. As the depression worsened/held steady, I kept going to class. I did pretty well on the assignments. I finished the program and graduated. I FINISHED SOMETHING. Something that was important to me. I have a motherfuckin' CERTIFICATE on my wall, dammit.

So yeah. I am also trying to remind myself of the things I'm managing to do.

Also: I get really easily overwhelmed and then anxious about Things I need to do. Today, we divided up the Things into a handful of discrete categories, and then listed them tiny step by tiny step. So I now have a way to just concentrate on one step at a time and feel much less anxiety about it. And because I feel less anxiety about it, it drastically increases the chances that I will get it done.


If you have stories about helpful therapies, etc., please share!