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I looked up gifs for therapy and this was on the first page. An apt metaphor I'm sure you'll agree: therapists like tiny rhinoceroses gently jump all over the tense muscle knots of the brain.

So, therapy is great, even if not as great as a tiny rhinoceroses, which are obviously the cure for all depression.


A couple of things about therapy though:

  • it's making me face up to things I've been in denial about for a very long time, and as such have gotten pretty out of hand. Clarity is great, but I still keep getting pretty overwhelmed.
  • it's giving me a different perspective on a lot of things that happened. Useful tools for building a better future, but also, applying them to the past makes me feel like I've often acted like a giant bag of dicks. Happens to the best of us, I'm sure, but again, a bit overwhelming when applied to so much of my life.

So my brain is often like this:


Or I guess it's more like this:


And obviously part of the point of therapy is learning to not get overwhelmed, so working on that, but it's also increased the amount of things I'm trying to not get overwhelmed about.

Is this something you can relate to? Or make any sense of at all? It's rather late here and I feel like this post got away from me a bit...

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