I've been seeing my current therapist since mid-December, and have made more progress with her in that short amount of time than I have with any of the therapists I've seen since I've started therapy at age 6. She is professional, caring and remarkqbly intuitive. Here's my question. I was talking with her at our session tonight, and was discussing my newly found sense of self-worth. I was describing several instances over the past week in which I was genuinely proud of myself, and how happy that made me feel. I started to tear up, and then she did as well. She immediately said something about not taking on my feelings, and picked up and began palming a river rock that she keeps by her side. She stopped tearing up and the rest of the session went on as usual. She's never acted like that before, and I'm wondering what it was all about. Is that transference? Or just a moment of her feeling for me? She shut it down immediately. I have no problem with it, and it's not going to impact our professional relationship at all. I'm just wondering what it was all about.

ETA: I want to make it clear that I'm not worried about this situation. She is the best therapist I've ever had and I trust her implicitly. I'm just wondering what happened tonight, mostly out of curiosity.