So, I had my first appointment with a therapist last week. I was supposed to have my second appointment this morning, but I really didn't feel the need to risk my neck in the snow just so I can go whine about myself and my petty little problems for an hour.

And I do like this guy, and I think he'll be helpful. One of my choir members (who might be becoming an actual friend! Wow! I'm making a friend!) is a therapist in the same practice, and she says that this is the guy she refers all the women to who need to leave the douchebag they're involved with. He is able to get them all strong and self-confident and realize that they were unhappy because of the aforementioned douchebag and his douchebaggery. So, I'm already a step ahead, yay?

Anyway, one of his questions for me last week was, have I screamed and cried and raged or have I always been this together? I certainly wasn't unemotional last week, but I've kind of been over a LOT of this crap before with so many people. And I HAVE raged and cried and screamed and all of that. And I've mostly done it here.


So, here's my question: would it be helpful to print out some of my old posts for him to read? Or would that be odd? I know he's going to make me cry no matter what, but maybe we could move on to the deeper stuff a bit more quickly if I don't have to rehash all the stuff I've already gone through? IDK. I haven't really looked at my old posts; they may not be all that enlightening, really, or they may not be enlightening without adding in comments and I'm NOT spending the time necessary to find those.