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There And Back Again: A Tale Of Unexpected Raptor Travel

Guys, last minute tickets are very expensive. And I don't even have confirmed times yet so I can't just buy a ticket. NOR do I know who, precisely will be paying for my ticket (it's either me or the company, and by me I mean my accountant is gonna get a really fun email soon).

But I might be in Seattle tomorrow? So that's cool. I think my Dad and I at least are going to try and get dinner. My Mom has a meeting she can't miss, unfortunately, so we may try and see each other on Friday morning but it depends on my flight out. Ah, the trials of being the daughter of a Sewer Commissioner. Yes, her important meeting is for her elected position in charge of the local sewer system. She is very much enjoying this position, and ran mostly because "they don't know what they are doing and I need to fix it." Good lord do I love that woman.

If I'm very lucky, I'll be able to book a massage at the club I belong to, because I have a coupon for a free massage. Which, after these past couple of weeks, is SO NEEDED.


Then I'd likely fly from there to JFK to visit His Majesty. Which means I have to pack for both Seattle and NYC. Fortunately I have some clothes at his place so it's not going to be SUPER hard.

Which brings me to my desperate need for advice.

I don't own a suit. I hate suits. Like, hate. Viscerally.

But I'm flying cross-country for an interview. Do I need to get fancy pants to match my fancy blazer and then call it a suit? Or can I wear a nice dress with a coordinating blazer (I have a lot of blazers, okay) and have that be acceptable. Like, I feel as if I really can't half-ass this. But the dress is something I already own and the pants would be like $150. Which I can theoretically afford but I'm already spending a lot on this whole situation. Also then I'd technically own a suit and grrrrrr.

Of course, this could all fall through as unexpectedly as it all started.

Also, FYI, if you want someone to interview and they have to travel a lot? Plz to give them more than 48 hours notice. Not everyone is as extremely privileged as I am. Like, I'm SUPER FUCKING LUCKY that I can even entertain any of this madness.


And madness it is. I might scream if they come back and say "Can you show up at 10am tomorrow?" No, no that's not actually physically possible.

Dear sanity, please come back. I miss you.

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