Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Let’s share stories of unexpectedly sweet or people in our little worlds. We need more positivity what with everything that’s been going on and the smallest things can help. I’ll start because I’m still so touched.

The setting, last night upon meeting boobieguy.
BG : “Oh, I just remembered. I have something for you!”
BC : “For me? Something? Wu?”
BG : “Several something actually!” with a great big smile on his face and a hop in his step. “There’s a bench here, I’ll give it to you now!”

He pulls out a tiny paper bag with a pink bathfoam ball, pink nail polish, a facemask and a get well soon card. Bought and put together by one of his coworkers. They’ve heard about the health struggle of the last few months and how I’ve been sick again all week and they wanted to wish me well!
Isn’t that the sweetest thing? 😊


Anything sweet you saw/heard/know someone did lately?

(ETA: It’s a tiny team and I used to do some work for the startup he works for, plus he & this girl used to work at our company, so I know all of them quite well ^^ )


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