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There Are Two US Borders Right?

Sigh. My mother told me of this conversation with this woman she knows.

She is from Quebec and lives in New England. I met her a few times in thrift shops which is where my mother talks to her. She is circa 70.

I suspect English is her second language she is from Quebec and has an extremely thick accent. . Although all folks I have met from Quebec have thick accents. Not sure why. Folks from the deep south live further away but I understand them better then those from Quebec. Maybe its in my head.


She was saying she just got back from Quebec visiting friends and she tries to go every other month.

Then my mother said she found the topic going to politics and the woman blurted out she is so happy Trump wants to do something about the border.

I said “huh she goes to Canada every other month”.

My mother “she meant the southern border, When people say border most mean the South.”.


Being a descendent of folks who came down from Quebec in turn of the last century there is something “snowflaky” about them at least it used to be. Growing up a number of my late grandmother’s friends who were either from Quebec or parents were from Quebec had this attitude that word.immigrant did not apply to them or to their parents that its the equivalent of going from MA to VT except with passports. Also they would stress their parents paid their own away when living here.

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