Apparently. For the last two days, I have been suffering from muchos gassyass. I just came in from outside and my apartment smells like farts. For the second time, I farted so much in bed that Cute Boy Person incorporated the farts into his dream as people mumbling. The good news is that they don't smell too bad but man, at this rate, I am going to rip a hole in time.

Or maybe just my panties.

I really want to crack a window now but it's cold out there.

Also, the new editor isn't showing me any icons and it's pretty hard to use it when it doesn't have icons. I also wish that it were detected as a form field so spell check would work better. "Muchos gassyass" didn't get highlighted until I put it in italics (cmd-i/ctrl-i for anyone else with no icons). Maybe I should update Flash Player; I think it's over a year old.

At any rate, I've been suffering from muchos gassyass every period for the last couple of months, maybe longer. I don't really care when I'm not subjecting anyone to it. Cute Boy Person is a trooper though and he's been cracking my ass up, which is not particularly helpful on the ripping front, but is generally enjoyable.

Geek humor: I asked him to pass me my hairbrush. He asked "do you want it by reference or by value?" and then fled the room.


Pretend that I saw a button that says HTML and thus made a horizontal rule here.

Here there be series 6 spoilers.


I started marathoning Doctor Who on Thursday. I was mid-season-4 and am now almost done with season 6. I have thoughts on Amy and Rory.

Most guys that I date are Mr. Despot. I have an online handle that starts with mr_[sound effect] and when DeposedDespot called me that name in the house, I responded "Yes, Mrs [sound effect]?" and he would make happy toddler stompy feet. People used to invite me to parties and say it was ok to bring him. I got his friends in the divorce. (I have since broken up with them.) I like shy guys who talk and talk and talk to me but don't talk much when others are around. The first guy that I lived with— a guy that most of my friends don't even know existed— intended to take my last name.

I'm brash and opinionated and take-charge and stubborn and caring and self-sacrificing and smart. With a side of Scottish-descent. I date guys who are smart and sweet and open with me but not necessarily with others, who end up being designated as my tag-along even though to me, it's clear that they are amazing. Cute Boy Person waited for years for me to like him and he's kind of been my sidekick for a while. Neither of us is standard-issue hot. It wasn't until I saw who he really was that I started to like him. Now he's one of the sexiest dudes in the world to me.


Tonight, we watched The Girl Who Waited. Amy said to Amy from the future:

"You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick? Then there's other people, when you meet them you think, 'Not bad. They're okay.' And then you get to know them and... and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality's written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful."


And then Amy and Amy together said "Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met." Cute Boy Person had his arm around me and when they said that, he squeezed my shoulder. He doesn't even realize that he does that sometimes. I'd made an effort to not pat him where my hand was on his thigh.

Sometimes, I feel like I must be totally irritating to date. The other night we were at TGI Fridays and he went to the bathroom. I told him which direction the bathroom was and then told him that I knew because the manager redirected a guy that way when he was looking for the bathroom several minutes earlier. He told me to stop being so observant. When he came back, I pointed out that there were 3 TVs playing the same channel, with 2 synced and 1 2-3 seconds behind— next to one of the synced ones. I noticed that even though Smarties come in two roll sizes, both are divisible by 5.

He finds it more irritating when I notice details in Doctor Who and point them out, figuring out later plot points based on details that were designed to be seen on the second viewing— or point out issues in the plot. "Oh, that guy's dead. He's down to 4 bars." "Heh. She's a Dalek." "But wait, Winston Churchill had a stutter."


Brain the size of a planet. Oops, wrong fandom.

As much as Amy and Rory are sweet and I enjoy watching their interaction, thinking that's it's similar to the interaction that I have with guys that I date, something's been bothering me and I finally figured out what it is: Rory is the "average looking guy" who's nice and smart and got the girl— the smart, funny, adventurous hottie who keeps him from growing up.


And I am not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl to a Nice Guy(tm).

I am a woman with a gas giant in my intestines and a guy who dreams that my ass is talking to him when I fart; I'm not fan service.