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There IS a wrong way to eat a Fruit Roll Up.

And one of my students has found it.

So the kids are eating their snacks, and I look over at this one kid, and he is eating his fruit roll up out of packaging like it is a chocolate bar. He's pulled the plastic down on the outside, but it's still rolled up, so there is PLASTIC INSIDE THE ROLL.

I tell him to stop, because he is eating plastic, but he argues with me, insisting that he isn't. I grab it from him before he can take another bite, unroll it, and show him the bite marks on the plastic. He didn't have much to say after that.

And then I wrote a note for his mother in his agenda, so she would know what he was doing. I don't think he ate enough to hurt him, but if he's been doing this a while, cumulatively there could be problems there.

A plastic bezoar. Wheeeee.


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