Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Said my mother to the waiter at a restaurant, I shuddered. During our trip we left bf/gf (dogs) in the motel room and left out number at the desk in case they barked. Their policy is a 2 hour limit. So one day we spent an hour to eat that was not a grocery store cafe or McDs. So we got hamburgers and she had them cooked well done. They were good. We have them every time we are in the town. I also that day went to BoMars a group shop in Maine thats like the Disneyland of Group shops (I love this place) and spent 21 dollars on 3 Marvel Essentials Fantastic 4 Vol 3 through 5. Wifi totally sucked most days nothing. Right now bf is under the table sleeping on his fur stuff (blankets and pillows) and gf is by the fireplace on her overstuffed pillow sleeping. Bf and gf were so happy to be home and away from the soft crate, tonight the sleep in my mothers bed like always.

Oh the grocery store cade had the worst pizza slice ever.


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