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There is an odd yet refreshing (but mainly odd) exchange occurring on my FB feed right now

There's this small group of suuuuper intense evangelical people that I know from my hometown. A lot of them are born again after struggling with addiction and a few are lifelong church members who have gotten fed up with the church. They're a bit kooky but overall seem to be pushing love and only love as their message so it's been interesting to see their group grow.

One member posted this interview with President Obama back when he was newly elected Congressman Obama about his personal faith. He posted it with an intro talking about how much he respected the President and prayed for wisdom and success for him. Then a nutjob with an anti-abortion profile pic commented about how the article couldn't be believed because Obama is an evil liar that lies and that he prays that God will extend his wrath and punish Obama for being prideful and evil. Oh, and there was a Hitler comparion because OF COURSE THERE WAS A HITLER COMPARISON.

They are legit tearing that asswipe apart with scripture right now. These are my two favorite comments:

"God came down from His throne and His name is Jesus. He said he came to save the world not condemn it. He said to bless those who persecute you. He said to love your enemy. He said to pray for those in authority because God put them there. I'm not God and I don't know his heart."


"Paul, my post is not a call to criticize and judge him, it's talking about praying that he is blessed by God today. Also, as a Christian, you should honor God's anointed like David did king Saul. You don't have to agree with someone to see them like God does, and honor the fact that God is the one that chose to put them in the high calling of being the president. So dishonoring the president is kind of like saying that God doesn't know what he's doing."

I've never seen this perspective before and it's been fascinating to read. I do like that they maintain that God is in control and it's above their understanding therefore they respect and pray for their leader's success instead of his downfall just because he isn't George Bush. That's about as far as my brain will allow me to take this as I'm on a "brain vacation" until the next semester starts.

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