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There is something seriously wrong with me

There is no reason why seeing this face show up on my screen should make me SQUEEEEE! so much, but without fail, it always does, and when he showed up in my bingewatching of Battlestar Galactica, I was thrilled.

And then he had a cat, too! It was just about the time I was thinking, "You know, the worst damn thing about being attacked by cylons and wandering space aimlessly is that apparently, there are no pets in space. That would totally suck." And then Mark Sheppard shows up with a damn cat.


And then when he doesn't have the cat anymore (I won't tell why for anyone who might want to someday watch the show ... SPOILERS), damned if he doesn't go and end up with my favorite breed of dog.

Why is this man so perfect in everything?

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